Each bottle contains the precious oil extract of 20+ New Zealand hass avocados. The oil is 100% pure without any added colours, preservatives 
or flavors.  

New Zealand 
Artisan Oil 

A beautiful and isolate island, 
New Zealand’s pure environment produces world-renowned, premium avocados. Enjoy safety and health with avocados from this precious land. 

100% Pure 
& Natural 

J&P Turner 20+ Avocado Oil is 100% pure, cold pressed New Zealand avocado oil. This premium oil is rich in flavour and a healthy choice to elegantly enhance your favourite cuisine. Naturally versatile, the high smoke point of avocado oil makes it perfect for barbecuing, frying, baking, grilling or to simply drizzle over your favourite vegetables for a quick and tasty fresh salad.

Super Fruit,
Super Oil  

Avocados are appropriately listed as a super fruit, they’re bursting with essential health promoting vitamins and minerals.  J&P Turner 20+ Avocado Oil is extracted by cold press, a superior process that uniquely protects the full nutritional properties of the 20+ whole avocados. This oil is especially high in vitamins E, one 15ml serving provides 15% of the recommended daily intake. 



Cold press extraction protects the precious vitamins and minerals contained within whole avocados. No heat or oxygen is used, no nutrients are lost. 

Enjoy Safety 
and Health

Experience the fullness of 20+ sun soaked New Zealand avocados. Beautifully grown and expertly pressed into New Zealand’s premium oil. 

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