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Wild Caught

New Zealand Eel. 

Wild Caught, New Zealand Eel. Fished from remote lakes and rivers. Delicious flavour and texture, unique to New Zealand wild Eel.


Sustainably Fished under MPI’s quota management system.Caught, packed and shipped to your precise requirements.

Long Fin and Short Fin

Two distinct species, eels are graded into size and commonly exported in 300-500g consumer packs or 16kg bulk packs

Eel Pieces & Segments (Skinned)

Gutted de-slimed eels. Our eels are hand-skinned to obtain a higher quality product. The skinned eels are diced into 5cm long pieces using custom built machinery. The eel pieces are vacuum packed into 500g or 1kg bags and in 16kg master cartons.

Eel Fillets 
(Boneless & Skin-on)

Gutted de-slimed eels, filleted off the bone into 200-300g fillets. The eel fillets are vacuum packed into 500g or 1kg bags or layered in 16kg master cartons.

Live Eels

Live short fin and longfin eels are packed in 15kg polystyrene boxes with ice and water and then sealed with added oxygen to ensure safe arrival at the international market. Wild New Zealand eel is currently exported to China, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, United States and Belgium. Eels are graded into size and commonly exported in the grades: 300-500g, 500-1000g, 1000g +.

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