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New Zealand
Beef Export. 

Naturally raised and grass-fed Beef.

Global export quality beef, ready to order. 

Cut and shipped to your exact requirements.


Sourced from the New Zealand countryside.

Raised on the pristine, rolling grass hills of 

New Zealand.

Oven-prepared Ribs

Pre-prepared oven ribs are the gourmet selection for the master chef.

100% sourced from New Zealand farms, the grass fed beef is highly sought after for it’s delightful eating experience.

Steak-ready Striploin

Delicious New Zealand beef, expertly prepared for your convenience.

Lean and delicate, bulk packs available for export across the globe.

Tenderloin -
Side muscle on

Exclusively grass-fed New Zealand beef,

an essential cut for the kitchen.

The Tenderloin is tender and produces exceptional flavour.

Top Sirloin

Dynamic and versatile, the top sirloin is the perfect cut for BBQ or roast. Exceptional bold flavour packed with New Zealand grass fed goodness.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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