Exceptionally Premium 

New Zealand Cherries. 

The Turners’ history in New Zealand produce
can be traced 
as far back as 1885. 

Only authentic, pure, natural and nutritious 
New Zealand products meet the J&P Turner 
1885 standard.


J&P Turner 1885 cherries are exceptionally premium, bursting with delicious flavour and health-promoting nutrients. Experience the best of New Zealand’s fresh produce with J&P Turner’s naturally grown, nutrient-rich, fresh New Zealand cherries.  



New Zealand’s remote island location offers the perfect climate to cultivate the world’s best tasting, nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables. The beautifully preserved natural environment, soils and water work together to craft cherries with exceptional flavour and nutritional properties.  

THE 1885 



2.2lb. / 1kg

12 cartons per outer

4.4lb. / 2kg

12 cartons per outer

11 lb. / 5kg

Individual carton

26.5lb. / 12kg

Outer, shipping carton



Grown, harvested and shipped by J&P Turner. 
Our complete integration ensures the control and security of the premium family brand. Covered in purpose-built net, the pristine orchard is protected from unwanted birds and pests. 



Nestled in Otagos sheltered central valley, J&P Turner cherries absorb the best of New Zealand’s pure environment. Uniquely close to the South Pole,

New Zealands Otago orchards are some of the furthest south in the World. Orchard temperatures vary dramatically from sub-zero in winter and up to 35 deg C during summer. These contrasting changes in conditions result in some of the worlds most full and flavour

packed cherries.  


Graded exclusively on Unitec machinery, J&P Turner cherries are the first in New Zealand to be packed with Unitec’s patented Cherry Vision™ technology.  Cherry Vision checks both the internal and external quality of cherries. The optical visual system detects and controls both internal and external quality. This includes size, colour, softness, brix degree  and absence or presence of stalk. This full-proof system guarantees the best result in quality assurance.



J&P Turner 1885 Cherries are intentionally and exclusively selected from the Otago region. Fruit grown in Otago are prized for their beautiful flavour and exceptional nutritional content. Nestled in the center of New Zealand’s ice capped South Island, the region produces extraordinary cherries. The fertile volcanic soils and pure mountain rain water are the perfect conditions for the world’s premium cherry.

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