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Grass Fed &

Naturally Raised. 

Naturally raised, grass-fed Lamb.

Global export quality lamb, ready to order. 

Cut and shipped to your exact requirements.


Sourced from the New Zealand countryside.

Raised on the pristine, rolling grass hills of 

New Zealand.

French Rack

Gourmet rack for the high-class eating experience. Delight the senses with the best, New Zealand, French style racks.




Delicate New Zealand lamb, expertly selected for premium markets. Boneless and reliable, tenderloin is the perfect choice for the professional cooking environment.

Hind Shanks

Premium, New Zealand, export quality lamb shanks. Deliciously meaty, enjoy hind lamb shanks, full of natural goodness and flavour.

Leg Roast

The full lamb eating experience, you can’t beat the ole’ leg roast. Make Granny proud with this traditional, flavoursome selection.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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