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Pure New Zealand


Pure New Zealand Seafood.

Global export quality, fresh or frozen.

Your exact requirements, shipped across the world.


Harvested from the wild Southern seas.

New Zealand seafood is some of the closest in the world to the freezing South Pole.


Export grade Skampi from the wild seas of New Zealand. Enjoy exceptionally sweat meat of wild seafood.


Wild caught crayfish from New Zealand.

An exclusive, sweat flavour for discerning markets.


Pale, delicate flesh. The red snapper is locally considered one of the best, most delicious eating fish.

New Zealand Ling

Also known as Rock Ling, Ashiro, King Klip, Cuskeel and Hokarari.

Ling has a mild flavour and firm texture, ideal for a wide range of cooking methods. These include smoking, deep-frying and sashimi.

King Salmon

Considered amoungst the best salmon in the world, New Zealand king salmon is enjoyed smoked, fried and raw.

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