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Pure New Zealand


Pure New Zealand Shellfish.

Global export quality, fresh or frozen.

Your exact requirements, caught and shipped across the world.


Harvested from the wild Southern seas.

New Zealand shellfish is some of the closest in the world to the freezing South Pole.

Green Shell Mussel

New Zealand extra-large mussels, harvested in the pure and remote waters off Stewart Island.

Stewart Island is New Zealand's closest Island to the South Pole and provides a unique cold growing climate for premium extra-large mussels.

Diamond Shell Clam

Delicate flavour, plump meat, the Diamond Shell Clam is a rare deliciously.

Harvested in the wild surf waters of Cloudy Bay, New Zealand

Bluff Oyster

Globally prized for their exceptional flavour, Bluff Oysters are exclusive to Bluff, New Zealand. Available March to August.

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