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Grass Fed &

Naturally Raised. 

Naturally raised, grass fed Venison

Global export quality lamb, ready to order. 

Cut and shipped to your exact requirements.


Sourced from the New Zealand countryside.

Raised on the pristine, rolling grass hills of 

New Zealand.

Osso Bucco

A succulent, select grade of premium Osso Bucco Cuts. New Zealand export grade venison, bred and farm-raised for the expert chef.

Leg Steaks

A special craft venison flavour unique to

New Zealand.Delight in every mouthful with this delicious kitchen prepared steak.



Conveniently prepared, this gourmet diced shoulder fillet is expertly cut for the kitchen.

Powerfully endeared with exotic flavours, enjoy this meat delicacy from the south.

Boneless Whole Loin - Silverskin On

Delicately lean, delightfully juicy, enjoy whole boneless venison loin from New Zealand.

Silverskin intact retains the natural moisture that contribute towards the exotic New Zealand flavours.

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