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Whole Frozen


Whole and boneless, a selection of 26 beef cuts. Meat is equivalent to prime steer, all animals are processed 30 months or younger.

Shipping options include the following; 

  • Whole Boneless Beef Carcas 

  • 20ft container (23500kg) 

  • 26 unique cuts per container 

  • Vac Packed 

  • Frozen 

  • CIF pricing 

  • 6 month and 12-month fixed price contracts available

  • Halal available 

Frozen Boneless Beef Ribeye

Premium beef ribeye. Cap of the product removed, no saw or cutting damage. Surface fat removed.


Corrugated Kraft Box, 590X395X160mm.

Each cut weighing 0.16g – 0.22g.

Shrink-wrapped and frozen.

Frozen Boneless Beef Brisket Square

Surface should be smooth, product squared off and fat pieces trimmed off. No trimming, cartilage or cutting damage on the product. Product to look as illustrated.


Product shrink-wrapped and frozen, packed within the corrugated carton. Secondary packaging should contain at least four units depending on the size.

Frozen Boneless Beef Bolor

Meat shape should be kept intact, there should be no cutting damage, cartilage or blood congestion and fat should be trimmed off.


Corrugated Kraft Box, 0.16g – 0.22g each cut, 9 units per carton. Shrink wrapped and frozen.

Turners International beef cuts  include the following options;
  • Boneless Beef Ribeye

  • Bone-In Beef Ribeye

  • Boneless Beef Brisket Square

  • Boneless Beef Neck

  • Boneless Beef Bolo Blade

  • Boneless Beef Picinha

  • Boneless Beef Hump

  • Boneless Beef Heel Muscle

  • Boneless Beef Fillet

  • Boneless Beef Conical Muscle

  • Boneless Beef Rib Finger

  • Boneless Beef Oyster Blade

  • Boneless Beef Chuck Tender

  • Boneless Beef Chuck Roll

  • Boneless Beef Brisket Point

  • Boneless Beef Brisket Navel

  • Boneless Beef Striploin

  • Boneless Beef Striploin Chain

  • Boneless Beef Silverside

  • Boneless Beef Flank

  • Boneless Beef Rump

  • Boneless Beef Topside Heart

  • Boneless Beef Silverside Eyeround

  • Boneless Beef Shin

  • Boneless Beef Shank

  • Boneless Beef Knuckle

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